Laboratory for Statistical Genomics and Systems Biology


The research focus of the laboratory is the development of statistical and bioinformatics methods for learning from diverse genomics data types, and the application of such methods through interdisciplinary biomedical efforts. Members of the laboratory are also developing protocols for comprehensive data management and the bioinformatics analysis of microarray and next-gen sequencing data generated by the University of Cincinnati Genomics Core.

PI: Mario Medvedovic, PhD.


Director, Division of Biostatistics and Bioinformatics


Phone: 513-558-8564

Fax: 513-558-8564

Division of Biostatistics and Bioinformatics

Department of Environmental Health

University of Cincinnati Medical Center

 3223 Eden Av. ML 56

Cincinnati OH, 45267-0056 


Selected Methodological Manuscripts (see all publications)

  • Jing Chen, Zhen Hu, Mukta Phatak, Johannes M Freudenberg, John Reichard, Siva Sivaganesan and Mario Medvedovic. Genome-wide signatures of transcription factor activity: connecting transcription factors, disease, and small molecules. PLoS Comp Biol, 9(9):e1003198 (R package)(Supplemental Materials).

  • Freudenberg JM, Sivaganesan S, Phatak M, Shinde K, Medvedovic M. Generalized Random Set Framework for Functional Enrichment Analysis Using Primary Genomics Datasets. Bioinfromatics 27(1):70-7. 2011.(Pre-print)(R package)(Server).

  • Joshi VK, Fruedenberg JM, Hu Z, Medvedovic M. WebGimm: An integrated web-based platform for cluster analysis, functional analysis, and interactive visualization of results. Source Code Biol Med 6:3. 2011.(Support page and Server).

  • Freudenberg JM, Sivaganesan S, Wagner M, Medvedovic M. A semi-parametric Bayesian model for unsupervised differential co-expression analysis. BMC Bioinformatics 11:234. 2010. (Support Page)(Software)

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  • Freudenberg JM, Joshi VK, Medvedovic M: CLEAN: CLustering Enrichment ANalysis. BMC Bioinformatics 10:234. 2009. (Software).

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  • Medvedovic M. (2000) Determining the number of replicates needed to detect differentially expressed genes in DNA array experiments (not-published manuscript)

Selected Biomedical Publications (All publications on PubMed)

  • Medvedovic M, Gear R, Freudenberg JM, Schneider J, Bornschein R, Yan M, Mistry MJ, Hendrix H, Karyala S, Halbleib D, Heffelfinger S, Clegg DJ, Anderson MW. Influence of Fatty Acid Diets on Gene Expression in Rat Mammary Epithelial Cells.  Physiol Genomics 2009 Apr 7. (Support Page)

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  • Sartor, M.A., Schwanekamp, J., Halbleib, D., Mohamed, I., Karyala, S., Medvedovic, M. and Tomlinson, C.R. Microarray results improve significantly as hybridization approaches equilibrium. Biotechniques 36: 790-796, 2004.(Abstract)

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